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about lovet..

Lovet studio was created on a commuter train.  Four hours a day gave me the platform to create, sketch, and build the baby I now call LOVETstudios.  My entire career has been about creating products for the best US brands in America.  Traveling all over the world visiting manufacturers from China, Brazil, & Italy. When I wasn't traveling, I would be racing through the streets of NYC shopping stores, and spotting trends.  Though incredibly exciting, it never fulfilled my inner passion.  So I leaped!  Only to look back to remind me I am on the right path.

We launched a uniquely crafted collection of tote bags in 2018 and after that success we have launched a Jewelry collection in 2020.  I truly love women's accessories! I love fashion, designs and the whole creative process.   Women's fashion is ever changing, and we love the platform of online shopping; as it gives us the ability to change as often as we like!

Now about our name...its pretty is the phrase we use the most when expressing something you see and love.  Shopping trips in Europe we would see an amazing pair of boots.. LOVE IT. We would be trying a new trattoria in Milan, and first bite..LOVE IT.  So it seemed natural for me to call this Brand by a phrase so commonly used to express love.. LOVET

Enjoy! and the next time you say "love it"...think of us!.



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